Simple Insights Into Critical Elements For Facial Cupping Alicante

Facial Cupping

A post shared by Aquarius Acupuncture, PLLC (@aquariusacupuncture) on I filled out an intake form before the session started and we chatted about my family’s health history, as well as my personal anxiety and digestion issues. Whether clients are receiving Beauty Acupuncture or a regular back treatment, Sajdak likes to start each session getting a feel for what someone needs. Since I was ovulating at the time of my session, I had a few hormonal pimples on my chin. I told her I was hoping the session would help my skin purge the acne quicker, while also promoting better energy and less anxiety. Here’s a photo she took of me right before the session. I was also bloated, so it was pretty much the perfect time to get the treatment. The vain part of me isn’t in love with this photo, but honestly, it’s key and the camera doesn’t lie. I also took a selfie so you could get a close and personal view of my hormonal acne. The clothing situation for the session is basically the same as a massage. You keep yourself modest with towels but remove most of your clothing. Sajdak told me the treatment would start with acupuncture and a cupping session for my back, then she would move on to the primary focal point: my face.

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